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Aug 01, 2012 · It takes a long time to cut a slot, which is good because you can't screw up in a split second this way. Nonetheless, it took a few attempts to cut my first nut to my satisfaction. Practice is important because every time I get a set of strings gauged differently from one I already have, I cut a fresh nut to fit because I want precision. Hardware Store Nut Files! - GuitarAttack

Hosco Saddle and Nut Slot Level Files are small and compact to get in to saddle slots to clean and level them before replacing the saddle or installing aBut they are cheap and ideal if you want to open up the nut for a heavier string gauge as a one off without dropping a bunch of cash, or for other one... How to use Crimson's new Nut Slotting Files - Tutorial Cutting string slots is delicate: if you cut one slot a little too low, you've blown the nut and have to start over. Elliot John-Conry shows us howStop your string slot file before it cuts too deep and the nut is ruined! StewMac's Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie, the inventor of the tool, show how it works. Cutting the nut slots Cut notches for the two outer strings 1/8” (3mm) from the nuts end using a fine saw. Deepen and round the bass string notche with a proper nut file so that half of the string lies in the slot. The thin treble string is just placed in the notch made by the saw. Arrange the remainig four strings at the top of the... TECHNOFRET SLOTSMOOTHER - guitar nut slotting system

Nut File - Edge-Cut, 10 Sizes - Edge cut nut files in popular gauges specially designed for slotting nuts. These files cut a smooth, round bottom slot. Also great for slotting tune-o-matic bridge saddles! Always try and use a file gauge that’s not more than a couple thousandths larger than the gauge of string you are using.

Tools - Eric Schaefer Guitars - Online Guitar Building School In this lesson we will discuss various tools around my shop. This is just to get the gears turning in your head. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of necessities. I urge the student to make NO tool purchases at this time. 03.Tools,Shop Equipment and Measuring | Screw | Nut (Hardware) 03.Tools,Shop Equipment and Measuring - Ebook download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Cutting accessories The fl exible modular system of combining rotating and clamping with standard clamping elements saves from diffi cult and painstaking mounting of clamping tools into t-slots.

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Tool for cutting nut slots? | The Gear Page Is there a good universal tool for cutting a guitar nut, not bass? This would only be electric guitar. ... a good trick with nut slots for getting them low enough without going too low is the stew mac stacked feeler gauge method: you use a trusted straightedge that ... Cheap(er) Nut Files? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

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One of the most delicate tasks in fashioning, repairing or replacing a guitar nut is creating evenly filed slots. Fortunately, genuine Fender replacement nuts are pre-slotted for maximum ... Tool for cutting nut slots? | The Gear Page Nut files usually have a rounded cutting edge so they cut to conform to the shape of the string. So, once the slot depth & angle are done with the fret file, all that's needed is to polish the slots to keep the strings from binding/pinching in the slots. Files - the tools for cutting the slots There are many files on the modern lutherie market for cutting slots in nuts and bridges, but most only became available years after I was doing this work. My background is in goldsmithing, and I simply adapted the tools and techniques I learned as a jeweler to work on musical instruments. Nut Files: Guitar Builder/ Luthier Supply | eBay

Apr 23, 2006 ... If you need to lower the nut slot a little, just do it a few times, and you .... Since it's very fine grit and the paper is thin, it doesn't cut very deep, it just cleans it up. .... allow the string to sit in the groove properly without any binding.

Nut Slotting File Set - 10 Pieces - Nut & Saddle Files -… Complete Nut Slotting File Set. High quality double edged nut files. These files help create a rounded slot to ensure that the strings sit correctly in the nut. Each steel alloy file has double 4' cutting edges. These professional files help you get the job done properly and efficiently. 10 Piece Kit. Making a guitar nut from scratch - Strange Guitarworks

FRIEDR. DICK GMBH SCREW SLOT FILES | Brownells Two Precision Styles For Perfect Custom Slots. Making screw slots is a delicate operation and only the finest, most precise files will do. These are the ones! Six sizes and two styles let you cut even the super-thin European slots. strings - Can I widen the grooves on my guitar's nut myself ...